The Studio

Our Live Room is a 110 year old space with original wood floor, plaster walls and woodwork. Multiple isolation areas are available if desired, and the control room is comfortable for your band to listen to playback. For recording, performance or rehearsal, a small original stage stands at back of the space.


We record to our MCI JH110c tape decks: 1” 8 track for multitrack and 1/4” 2 track for mix down or live tracking. Both decks are completely refurbished by Mara Machines of Nashville.

A growing collection of tube, dynamic and ribbon microphones feeds our Alice/Stancoil 828 Console with transformer balanced mic inputs and main outputs. An EMT140 stereo plate reverb keeps the signal analog all the way.

We have long experience using tape and console technology creatively (editing, loops, vari-speed, track bouncing etc.) to enhance your recording.

BYOPT (Bring Your Own Protools)

Although we have 2 channel analog to digital conversion in house, you’ll need to bring an A/D multi channel interface and DAW or computer should you wish to transfer from multitrack tape. Patching into our system is fast and easy…we’ll help.

Williamson Magnetic is a great room to track drums (or anything else) to tape whether you complete the project with us or elsewhere.

Our hourly rate is $25.

Please contact us with any questions.