Affordable, Quality Analog Recording in Madison, Wisconsin

On Williamson Street in Madison’s Historic near East Side, we offer a great sounding space for the recording, performance and rehearsal of your music.

As an exclusively analog studio, we embrace the technology and craft of tape based, hands on faders recording and mixing. This process has given us many of our best loved recordings for over half a century and we are keeping the tradition alive and well.


Williamson Magnetic Recording Company’s mission will be to provide quality full-analog recording at an affordable price, and to create a dynamic environment, helping musicians obtain their full artistic potential.


Mark Haines has been playing and recording music professionally for over 25 years.
In addition to playing multiple instruments (drums, guitar and baroque lute) Mark was proprietor of Madison Guitar and Music Center during the 1980’s. Joining the staff at Smart Studios in 1990, Mark engineered and produced hundreds of records both at Smart and studios all around North America. Some of Mark’s fondest recording memories include working with Archers of Loaf, Son Volt, The Jayhawks, Rainer Maria, Weeping Tile, The Midwesterners, The Cash Box Kings, Joel Paterson, Jim Liban, The Fat Babies and Jason Adasiewicz.
Mark can be seen (and heard) drumming with The Cash Box Kings and Jim Liban with the Joel Paterson Trio.

Tessa Echeverria plays drums in several local bands. She became interested in audio engineering after recording her own band, as well as live local music for WORT 89.9 FM

Wanting to expand her knowledge of sound engineering and work with analog tape, Tessa partnered with Mark to open WMR.